Blog As companies become more competitive, they outsource business functions

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As companies become more competitive, they outsource business functions

Outsourcing used to be something reserved for certain business sectors who outsourced their services to foreign countries. However, increasingly a diverse range of companies are realizing the benefits of outsourcing needs beyond their core services or competencies. In addition, they are recognizing the advantages of U.S.-based providers. Moreover, a Forbes study found that companies outsource more services as they become more competitive.

The Harvard Business Review explains that outsourcing has changed and “can no longer be defined simply as a long-term contract with another company for supplies/services. The concept has matured. It now connotes a strategic relationship between partners, with shared risks and goals – a relationship in which a company concentrates on its core business and relies on outsourcing partnerships to get the rest done.”

Staffing Robot suggests certain guidelines for deciding whether your company should outsource specific services. For example, companies should consider outsourcing services that are not part of their core business. The logic behind this is that these are processes that other companies can perform better and at lower costs.

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, explains that outsourcing is about “understanding where your real value added is and putting your best people and resources behind that.”

Aspects of Information Technology, accounting, billing, reading of MRI’s, website development and 24/7 call center services are among some of the processes that companies have recognized the benefit of outsourcing.

Onshore 24/7 contact centers, in particular, can reduce costs, while maintaining higher levels of accessibility and visibility than offshore centers. For your customer service solutions and better customer retention, consider working with an inbound call center. ViaSource Solutions is a U.S.-based, 24/7 full-service contact center that will help your company meet its needs; we also offer near shore solutions.