Blog Banks must reinvent the way they provide customer support

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Banks must reinvent the way they provide customer support

Analytics firm ForeSee recently conducted a survey among consumers to better understand their perceptions regarding customer service in a number of different industries. The survey revealed that banks ranked lower than every other industry, earning an average score of just 75 out of 100. 

In a recent Forbes article, Sonny Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Financial Services GBU, suggests that part of the problem is that banks haven't properly adapted to today's highly connected world in which customers expect to get excellent customer service whenever and however they need it. 

"Supporting customers through multiple channels is no longer an option for financial services organizations; it's a necessity," writes Singh. "Consumers are now seeking an omni-channel experience in which they can move seamlessly between channels, even simultaneously leveraging multiple channels to optimize their experience."

With this in mind, Singh says that banks need to reinvent the way they tackle customer support, which they can do in the following ways: 

Letting the customer be in control – "While most banks have adopted multi-channel strategies, few deliver the seamless, omni-channel service that customers have come to expect in the retail sector, for example," writes Singh. Banks need to be able to adapt to the expectation of a multi-channel experience. 

Making the customer service experience more efficient – Customers lead busy lives, and they want to be able to get all the information they need in one quick phone call. 

One way that banks can improve customer service is by outsourcing some or all of their customer support operations to a domestic inbound call center where representatives are committed to providing excellent customer service at all times.