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ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

10 Customer service statistics you should know

These ten customer service statistics demonstrate why creating a positive customer service experience is more important than ever.

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Six ways to build your brand from the Harvard Business Review

Making sure that your customer service and brand are aligned helps attract customers and strengthens your brand loyalty.

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Study finds 34 percent of U.S. companies want to invest in At-Home agents

Employing an at-home workforce lowers costs without compromising quality.

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Improved well-being, productivity and the other benefits of the At-Home business model

There are many benefits of working from home, including improved well-being and control over workspace, which improves employees’ productivity. 

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Factors to consider when outsourcing your call center: Part 2

In this article, we will address additional factors to consider, such as the representatives’ experience, the company’s range of services and their representatives’ capabilities.

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Unclear communication results in a bad customer experience

When a customer contacts a service representative, they expect to have their issues solved efficiently.

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