Blog Domestic inbound call centers are ideal for managing multichannel customer service

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Domestic inbound call centers are ideal for managing multichannel customer service

In exceptionally volatile situations, the importance of clarity is paramount. Businesses cannot afford to take on a particularly sensitive customer service issue in any manner that could be perceived as disingenuous or, even worse, dishonest. 

Take the recent Target breech for example. Customers at the retail giant are, rightfully so, concerned about the security of their information. After it was reported that possibly more than 100 million customers had their information compromised during the holiday shopping season, the company had to spring into action to diffuse the PR nightmare. Imagine if aggravated consumers were forced to speak with someone overseas who was so far removed from the situation they could provide no real help or information. 

Ultimately, a company like Target may have the resources to overcome adversity of this nature, but your organization may not be able to afford that luxury. If you find yourself in a situation where your ability to overcome a particular problem is contingent upon the strength of your service, you will likely need the help of a customer service provider that specializes in clear and concise communication with customers, who possess the tools and the skills along with the knowledge to fix any sticky situation.

Outsourcing to an overseas provider is not an advised route because callers can push back at cultural and language barriers quickly, and doing so might worsen the situation. Domestic inbound call centers, however, can be more adept at finessing a touchy situation, hence providing a major benefit toward helping you mitigate any customer service challenges you might encounter.