Blog Event Promotion that Increases Attendance and ROI

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Event Promotion that Increases Attendance and ROI

ViaSource has partnered to promote countless events for our clients to maximize their ROI.

We’ve found there are two requirements for a successful event. First it’s critical that you get the right attendees in the right numbers to the event. Then after the event, you must use effective follow-up processes to maximize your impact; a timely call from a friendly person gives your staff a great assist after a busy event.

When you choose ViaSource to recruit attendees for your events, you can expect to:

  • Increase event registrations
  • Improve event attendance with the right people in the right companies
  • Generate qualified sales leads and a better nurturing database
  • Attract highly qualified participants
  • Connect with more decision makers directly
  • Decrease your cost-to-qualified attendee
  • Contacting your target prospect directly is the most effective way to drive qualified attendees to your events.
  • You get database updates/revisions as an incidental aspect of the process

We can also:

  • Handle your attendee registration
  • Track your registrants in real time and confirm attendance
  • Follow-up with recorded content
  • Create follow-up content to keep attendees engaged after the event to drive better lead conversion