Blog Five keys to improving the customer experience: Embrace multi-channel engagement

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Five keys to improving the customer experience: Embrace multi-channel engagement

A white paper from Genesys has listed five steps toward building a world-class contact center. This is a continuation of that series, which identifies new ways to engage customers and improve their experience with your organization.

Companies have to increasingly concern themselves with the integration of multi-channel customer communications. There are so many ways for organizations to speak with their customers — both in digital and analog formats — that they have to be increasingly cognizant of the fact that their messages have a far greater chance of being received, and anything said during this communication will be viewed as a direct representation of the company. Moreover, businesses have to consider the channel they are communicating through, as messages could be received in different ways based on the medium, a fact that must be understood to optimize customer engagement.

“Customers and prospects are playing a mix-and-match game when it comes to interacting with your company, perhaps using smartphone browsers to do initial fact finding, calling to get price quotes and service details, and checking the company website for delivery and fulfillment updates after a purchase has been made,” the white paper says. “It’s also increasingly typical for interactions to take place in multiple channels, where customers and prospects are moved seamlessly from social media to web chat to live agents, depending upon what kind and depth of information they need.”

Customer service reps working at your inbound call center must have a full understanding of the channels they will use to communicate with your customers, and know how to capitalize on each of their capabilities to ensure each interaction is productive. The right onshore customer service reps will know how to optimize the channel they are communicating through, thus improving the customer’s overall experience.