Blog Five keys to improving the customer experience: Measure correctly and act accordingly

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Five keys to improving the customer experience: Measure correctly and act accordingly

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, your organization must ensure that the performance of its customer service team is not just meeting, but exceeding industry expectations. To do this, you must provide customers with an exceptionally positive experience, which will help build your relationships and reputation. It will also open up new revenue building opportunities in the future.

A white paper from Genesys has listed five steps toward building a world-class contact center. Following these five will improve the customer experience and, ultimately, your company as a whole. The first stepĀ is making sure the right things are being measured and acted upon.

Essentially, this means that while customer interactions can create valuable data that can then be used to develop more effective customer service strategies, your team must make sure it’s using the right information and making the right decisions.

“The first step is to identify the proper key performance indicators (KPI) because executing on the wrong things won’t improve the customer experience,” the paper says. It added that “the most successful companies are focusing on business outcomes, such as positive resolution to the customer’s problem, being able to up-sell and cross-sell customers on incremental products and services and getting customers to refer the company to their family and friends.”

If your inbound call center customer service reps focus on their interaction with the caller they can gain insights into the customer service process that ultimately will help improve the overall experience. Remember, each conversation is valuable, and can allow your business to delve deeper into the minds of your customers, which will help you position your business to offer them the products and services they need. Working with call center customer service representatives who understand this will add value to your company.