Blog Making call center service better for you and your company

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Making call center service better for you and your company

It’s important that your business take steps to improve the customer experience and circumvent the negative stereotypes that can emerge from poor call center performance.

Keeping customer service agents trained, motivated and at the top of their performance curve at all times is challenging but crucial.

A recent story in the Washington Post examined one company that is using “gamification” to make the lives of employees in the customer service department more interesting and perhaps more profitable for everyone.

But such diversionary activities aren’t necessarily the only answer to improving on customer experience: your business can also consider engaging an outsourced call center to give your clients access to a provider known for interacting with a high level of success and results.

The Post cites a 2004 study from Cornell University which reported that all call centers saw nearly 28 percent of workers quit, compared to only 20 percent for certain outsourced  contact centers.

If you’ve heard feedback that your company needs to make improvement in these areas, 1NWContact can offer management, experience and the agents to maintain the special uniqueness of your company’s customer interactions, and also save you time and expense.

At 1NWContact, we train and manage customer service agents to be responsive and we recruit for the skills they need to secure customer loyalty.  This includes content that you dictate as a means of specifically targeting the most notable areas your customer service needs to improve upon.

To find out more information, visit our website and start thinking about the different needs we can help you fulfill for your company’s promise to satisfy your customer base.