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McDonald’s dodges Consumerist question

Nobody likes getting the runaround. If your customers call your customer service line looking for information, you'd best provide it to them instead of routing them through several representatives meaningless jargon. Failing to get first call resolution might get you a drubbing on the internet and see your reputation suffer.

Consider a recent experiment conducted by the Consumerist blog, who innocently emailed McDonald's asking about the availability of their hot mustard sauce for dipping chicken nuggets. The company could have simply answered the question, but instead tried to turn this into a marketing opportunity by responding with a message that was overstuffed with unnecessary information.

"The bold kick and flavor of the Habanero Ranch dipping sauce recently made its debut on the McDonald's menu, beating out Hot Mustard, Sweet Chili, and Chipotle BBQ for a final spot on the sauce line up," the response said. "Customers love the Habanero Ranch sauce, which is also found on McDonald's Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder and Southwest Premium McWrap."

This was, perhaps, destined to result in ridicule, which is exactly where Consumerist went with it. But this isn't the only example of confusing emails blocking what could be a good service: Business Insider reports on a game store owner who butted heads with Square after being unjustly charged. Square's response? "At this time, we do not provide live phone support."

Failure to provide live customer service via phone or chat is becoming increasingly unacceptable in the modern business landscape, for both the customers and the smaller businesses that you might interact with. Consumers expect timely, quick responses from businesses, regardless of size. Fortunately, outsourcing customer service can be an easy way to remedy this without hurting your profitability.