Blog Respect your customers by giving them a positive phone experience

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Respect your customers by giving them a positive phone experience

We won’t deny that automation and sending certain types of work offshore has its benefits. In the field of manufacturing, for example, building machines may be more cost effective outside of the United States. As a result, the company and the customer will benefit. This positive aspect of offshoring does not necessarily apply to customer-facing positions such as customer service outsourced to a call center.

Many customers would argue that a positive experience with a call center employee is worth more than saving money on a product or service, especially when their problem is solved quickly and efficiently.

“No one is expecting a product to be absolutely perfect,” states an article on the website Business 2 Community. “They are just expecting to be able to call for help if they need to. The best companies actually advertise on [good] customer service and deliver!”

The article also detailed the following reasons why customers often feel disrespected by companies that use offshore call centers:

  • Language barriers – It’s not enough for a call center employee to be able to speak English. The most important component of communication is cultural knowledge that can only be acquired by living or growing up in a particular country. Customers can quickly become frustrated with call center employees who do not have a firm grasp the language.
  • Reliance on scripts – When a customer contacts a company with a suggestion or a complaint, they expect to be able to have a real conversation with the person on the other end. Scripts — which are often used when employees don’t speak English well — create¬†a wall between both parties and limits their ability to reach a solution.

Poor customer serve could negatively affect your company’s bottom line. Consider using a domestic inbound call center with professional, well trained customer service reps who can provide exceptional service to your customers.