Blog Study shows why you can trust at home call center representatives

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Study shows why you can trust at home call center representatives

Recent data presented by the Flex+Strategy Group suggests that one-third of U.S. employees telecommute on a regular basis. And, according to a study conducted by the Ethisphere Institute and Jones Lang LaSalle a few years ago, it appears that there are some significant ways that companies can benefit from giving their workers this option. 

The study revealed that only 11 percent of at-home workers had committed ethics violations in a two-year period, compared to 36 percent of in-office employees. There are a few theories as to why workers who telecommute have proven themselves to be more honest and trustworthy. 

"Working from home is still viewed as a positive privilege because it's still pretty new," Alex Brigham, executive director at the Ethisphere Institute, explained in an interview with MarketWatch. "In terms of the privilege of working from home, they didn't want to put it at risk because they didn't want to get called back into the office."

Brigham added that managers who allow their employees to work from home also tend to establish more trusting relationships with their team members, causing them to be more conscientious. 

"If they feel like they're being treated well and trusted, that's the treatment they give back to the company," Brigham said. 

With this data in mind, there has been a 10-year migration of contact center work to at home agents. You'll be happy to hear that many call centers have policies in place to protect private information and are PCI and HIPPA compliant. This means that if you outsource customer service to the right domestic inbound call centers with at home agents, you can be rest assured knowing that there are trustworthy employees tending to the needs of your company and your valuable customers.