Blog Tips for building relationships with your customers: Part 2

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Tips for building relationships with your customers: Part 2

How can a business improve customer loyalty? Offering great products and services is, of course, an important component of this goal, but it’s not the only one. As we previously discussed, offering great customer service through your call center operations can help build meaningful relationships with your base.

Here are a few tips to ensure that the ties between your agents and customers remain strong:

  • Direct calls to appropriate agents – By using an analytics routing system, companies can select the agents who will be best able to answer a caller’s question. This can save time and improve metrics such as call resolution and customer satisfaction.
  • Find the right agents – There is a common misconception that the work of a call center agent is very simple. In reality, these professionals need to have the critical thinking skills to be able to assist a customer as efficiently as possible. The best people in this position see it as more than just a job, but rather an opportunity to have meaningful interactions with others.
  • Predict needs – Call center representatives must be proactive about how they can assist customers. They should be listening for key words and phrases that will lead them to a solution.
  • Use multiple information sources for improvement – Many companies use some customer surveys to improve their systems, but they may want to find other sources. One area to review is unsolicited customer feedback. These callers were concerned enough about service to contact you unprompted. Supervisors and agents should listen to a call together to figure out how to improve.

To improve and streamline your customer service program, consider using domestic call center services.