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Winning with the Work-At-Home Agent Model

5 Reasons Your Customers Benefit

You may have heard how the work-at-home agent model benefits the agent, how it benefits a call center, or how it benefits you as a client, but all these important recipients of benefits from the work-at-home agent model don’t compare to the most important recipient of all: the customer. After all, the customer comes first in your company, so let’s not forget the customer this valuable extension of your company.

    1. Qualified AgentsOne of the greatest difficulties that call centers must overcome is the hiring process. Finding intelligent, pleasant agents is hard enough, but finding a plethora of these agents near a specific location is, well, nearly impossible. The work-at-home agent model allows agents to be from any location. With the Internet and cloud-based networking services, agents can comfortably and effectively perform their duties.


    1. Pleasant AgentsNot only are these agents available to work from home, but they also want to work from home. A survey by World at Work found that more than a third of those with virtual work-compatible jobs said they would take a pay cut in exchange for the ability to work at home for just two days a week. With this plethora of capable agents, your customers will receive the benefit of having a qualified and agreeable agent serving them every time they call.


    1. Increased ProductivityThese intelligent, pleasant agents also become more productive when working from home. The Telework Research Network found an increase of 27% in productivity from employees on their work-at-home days. Since an agent will not be impeded by weather or minor setbacks from traveling their “commute to work” (the walk across the hall), call centers experience fewer absences, which means agents are more available to the customer. In the end, the customer enjoys the benefit from these productive agents.


    1. Going GreenAnother advantage, vital to all parties involved, is the reduction of toxic carbon emissions from the commute of thousands of call center agents. Call-center executives who recognize that “going green” is more than a social movement will take drastic steps to help lower pollution levels, like adopting a work-at-home model. This is an invaluable benefit to the customer.


  1. Saving MoneyLast, the work-at-home model saves the company astronomical amounts of money by lowering energy and real estate costs. How does this help the customer? When the company saves money, the customer saves money. That’s how we operate, and chances are, that’s how you operate too.


Still not convinced? Take a look at our white paper on the work-at-home agent.

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