Blog March 2014

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How to determine if your customer service is good enough

In a recent article published in the Philadelphia Business Journal, contributor Andy Birol focuses on a few key ways that businesses can determine whether or not their customer service is good enough.

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Customer service standards all companies should have

In a recent article published on the Business 2 Community website, contributor Spencer Frandsen discusses the importance of setting customer service standards.

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3 common services that call centers provide

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing customer service, but the truth is that many businesses don’t even fully understand the wide range of services that United States-based customer service outsourcing companies can provide.

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Study shows why you can trust at home call center representatives

Only 11 percent of at-home workers had committed ethics violations in a two-year period, compared to 36 percent of bricks and mortar call center agents.

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Banks must reinvent the way they provide customer support

Part of the problem is that banks haven’t properly adapted to today’s highly connected world in which customers expect to get excellent customer service whenever and however they need it.

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3 ways to deliver smart customer support

In a recent article published on the Forbes website, MindTouch, a cloud-based platform for knowledge collaboration and multi-channel delivery of customer support documentation, shared some smart customer service tips that all companies can benefit from.

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