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10 Customer service statistics you should know

These ten customer service statistics demonstrate why creating a positive customer service experience is more important than ever.

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USA Today reports that U.S. call center services jobs are increasing

After years of call center jobs being outsourced abroad, companies are now bringing them back to the U.S., USA Today reports.

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Six ways to build your brand from the Harvard Business Review

Making sure that your customer service and brand are aligned helps attract customers and strengthens your brand loyalty.

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JetBlue’s success with the at-home model

JetBlue has experienced many benefits as a result of embracing the at-home model, the most notable being increased productivity.

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Advice for outsourcing your call center services

Onshore U.S. customer service contact centers are becoming increasingly popular options for businesses. 

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New York Times discusses how working from home benefits employers

While working from home is often viewed as an advantageous policy for employees, it also produces many benefits for employers.

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