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Flower delivery company has Valentine’s Day challenges

Every business experiences periods of stress. For a company like 1-800 Flowers, Valentine’s Day is a time when it seems that just about every person in America is ordering flowers, candy, cards and other treats to be delivered to addresses nationwide.

According to the New York Daily News, this company has some angry customers to contend with after a seemingly disastrous February 14.

The source describes horror stories from Long Island, where the business is based, to Alabama and beyond. Complaints concern the that shipments that never arrived and flowers that did but looked ragged and completely unlike the expected bouquets.

Worse still, the customer service that folks experienced was not adequate, prompting angry customers to take to the internet with their stories of frustration. In most cases, customers weren’t even able to get ahold of a live operator on the phone.

Days later, the company used its Facebook page to try and soothe customer anger with an explanatory post.

“Our customer service center is open 24/7 and our caring team is working hard to resolve every concern, and won’t stop until we do,” it reads. “We appreciate your patience and your trust in us to deliver your smile. Due to the weather issues we experienced, wait times are longer than we would like.”

The post may have many “likes,” but there’s still lots of understandable frustration over the company’s lackluster performance.

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