Our Solutions: Multilingual Solutions


ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

With remote agent deployment strategy and near shore centers, we are not restricted to sourcing, assessing, engaging and training agents from a particular region or locale, but rather, we are able to source and recruit agents with the unique language and cultural fit that align with the demographics of your campaign.

In a sentence, we are not restricted by geography; we can recruit and train bi-lingual and multi-lingual agents with the exact skills you need.

Prior campaigns have engaged agents who are bilingual English and: the various Spanish languages and dialects from across the US and around the world, French, German, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, middle eastern languages, Russian, various Chinese dialects, Korean, Portuguese, and more.

Hispanic Market Solutions

ViaSource Solutions provides best-in-class call center solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the growing demands of marketing to the Hispanic market.

  • Bi-Lingual English-Spanish Speaking Agents
  • Spanish Speaking Quality Control Coaching and analytics
  • Script Translation and localization (assures cultural relevancy)
  • Scalability

The rapidly growing Hispanic marketplace has become an important piece to any successful direct marketing campaign. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing marketing campaigns as we expand new customer acquisitions and grow our client’s marketing reach. Online chat and social media through mobile communications has been proven an effective customer service channel. Now the challenge presented to companies employing a real-time multichannel technology is to leverage chat into an effective sale vehicle that adds to the bottom line.