Blog What does Twitter’s click-to-call feature mean for your call center?

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What does Twitter’s click-to-call feature mean for your call center?

Twitter has risen to the top of the micro blogging industry, becoming one of the most influential social media and networking platforms on the internet. But, as is the case with every business, Twitter needs to maintain its growth and find new sources of revenue, something it hopes to do with its click-to-call button.

Twitter's ad rates have fallen recently, and now the social platform is working on ways to help business customers find new ways to engage with consumers on the Twitter application. The hope is that click-to-call will be the answer businesses are looking for. While it's only in Beta and an official release date is not known at this time, the Twitter feature has already created buzz in the online community.

The feature is designed to work with the mobile Twitter application, and will allow business profiles to include contact information on their advertisements. So, when users see promoted tweets or other ads on the mobile Twitter application, they can simply click the button and call them. The goal is to increase inbound calling traffic and allow those who pay Twitter to advertise their company to see a higher return on investment.

Richard Alfonsi, Twitter's vice president of global online sales, told that this feature would complement Twitter's already effective advertising and marketing programs, like promoted tweets and trends.

"It doesn't change the consumer experience, it makes it more relevant," Alfonsi said.

Businesses that take advantage of this feature once it becomes live will likely see an increase in calling traffic. The only way they can capitalize on this effort is by ensuring they are able to answer an influx of calls. Working with a high quality multichannel contact center that has the right technology can help businesses maximize the potential of this initiative. 1NW Contact offers the solutions needed to manage an efficient call center operation.