Blog WWE Network launch fails to deliver ‘smackdown,’ creating rash of customer service problems

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WWE Network launch fails to deliver ‘smackdown,’ creating rash of customer service problems

Perhaps any ambitious product or service launch is going to have unanticipated problems, but companies can prepare their inbound call centers to deal with the issue by having scenarios scripted in advance and by dealing with added volume by overstaffing to insure overflow is handled when it happens.

The WWE Network launch failed to meet the demands of its subscribers with its new streaming service, according to Newsday. As an article from that respected publication describes, wrestling fans had problems subscribing to the new service online, and the company is alleging that this is because of the high amount of demand that they experienced.

The availability of an inbound customer service with an alternative offer would have gone a long way in placating customers' frustration.

Even though the issues may seem to stem not from WWE itself but instead, as "What Culture" suggests, the provider it is partnered with, it's still a blow to the brand's image. An organization with as dedicated a fanbase as wrestling is also likely to generate especially angry comments when that service fails.

That seems to have been the case with at least one blogger, who contributed a post to the website CagesideSeats expressing the frustration of this failure and the subsequent repeat calls to customer service that got them nowhere.

"The bigger problem I have is with the shoddy technical support," the complaint reads. "After about a half hour on the phone between three calls, I got absolutely nowhere despite speaking to people who are supposed to be able to, you know, help."

Similar comments might crop up even in response to your company's less ambitious new offering. It's up to your company to plan for all eventualities, both address concerns and inform customers of where the problem really lies, and offer a solution.

Sometimes the dedicated internal staff cannot handle the volume of calls in a product launch and engaging a temporary outsource resource to bulk up you customer service can be the ideal solution to protect your brand.