Blog Larger talent pools lead to better at-home customer service agents

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Larger talent pools lead to better at-home customer service agents

Although the job market has been up and down over the past few years, you often hear employers complaining that they have jobs but most of their applicants don’t meet the minimum qualifications. This is often the case of businesses located in rural areas where there simply aren’t enough people with the skills needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

If these employers have a larger pool of available talent, they would probably be able to successfully satisfy their staffing needs. While most companies — especially those that manufacture products — can’t simply pack up everything and move to another city, they can outsource some of their customer service call center to companies that engage at home agents otherwise referred to a virtual workforce.

“The work-at-home model allows for an unlimited talent pool and ultimately increases the quality of staffing,” states an article from Contact Professional. “Additionally, employees with flexible work schedules have a lower propensity to switch jobs which ultimately means reduced attrition, fewer interruptions due to new hire learning curves and increased knowledge retention for businesses.”

Some businesses worry that using US based outsourced customer service will be too expensive. It’s important to remember that the benefits of establishing a relationship with an at home contact center company will likely result in better performance and a lower cost! Your customers will appreciate speaking to well-trained agents who are easy to understand and can quickly resolve issues. Such good service results in increased customer loyalty, which is ultimately what you’re looking for.

Businesses that find that their geographical location hinders them from hiring skilled local talent for customer service positions should consider working with an inbound call center. Taking such a step may improve interactions with customers.