Careers: How Do I Apply and Get Hired?


ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

We are seeking experienced individuals who will benefit from working from home. Review the positions to see which best suits your needs (schedule, skills, and experience) 

Note: we require previous experience for all positions. If you have not previously worked in a call center, or remotely this is not for you. 

Much of our communication during the application process is by email. Check your email often, including your junk mail/spam folders. If you have questions, please reply to any of our correspondence, and we will get back to you promptly.  

  • Apply online at ViaSource Solutions
  • Upload your resume
  • Complete the application questionnaire
  • Begin the interview process by submitting the video certification. Which, among other specifics, will certify your computer, internet speed, and connection type (directions will be emailed immediately upon receipt of your application) 
  • Complete a video interview (you will receive an email with directions following submission of your video certification)
  • Certify your personal information. 
  • Agree to a background check
  • Once the background has cleared, a recruiter will be in touch to discuss specifics.  
  • Read and agree to the position guidelines by returning to human resources. The guidelines define the project details including, workdays, hours, pay, and contractor’s code of conduct discussed with the recruiter before acceptance.   
  • Once guidelines are accepted, you will receive specific instructions for the software install. Human resources will schedule a Zoom meeting to review your installation and ensure the first login is successful. 
  • Receive and complete your Independent Contractor Agreements, various privacy and confidentiality policies, and campaign-specific documents.
  • Attend and graduate from your orientation and begin taking calls. 
  • Please remember, we count on you to maintain your commitment to the schedule selected and discussed through the process above. 
  • We offer weekly direct deposits on Tuesday. The specific dates and pay periods will be outlined fully in the position guidelines. It will take two weeks for the first invoice to be processed. Once you are in the system, you will receive an invoice each Wednesday for your approval. Once approved, you will receive the direct deposit on the following Tuesday. Pay continues weekly until all hours have been paid. 
  • Pay rates and hours vary from campaign to campaign. These are all clearly defined in the position guidelines before beginning. Please be sure you fully understand and agree with these policies before accepting the contract. 

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