Our Solutions: Outbound Solutions


ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

ViaSource Solutions seeks to derive maximum revenue from every single outbound call whether it be for customer care, lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention or first party collection.

Our experienced and motivated agents effectively serve as our client’s extended sales and marketing department acquiring new customers, cross-selling and up-selling, and managing relationships in assigned territories.

Our B2B Phone agents are specifically recruited for having a high degree of business and technical acumen and on the various campaigns they gain key market intelligence by effectively probing the customer’s needs and interests and offer appropriate benefits.

All B2C programs are monitored to identify shifts in market trends, consumer responses and suitable changes are made to maintain consistent quality and agreed to results. Every agent’s work is monitored and reviewed continuously by Quality Assurance personnel and Account managers to ensure SLA compliance.

Our Outbound Solutions Include:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Lead Generation
  • Surveys
  • Sales
  • Sales Qualification
  • Customer Satisfaction/Retention
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
  • Political Campaigns/GOTV
  • Pre-Collection/ Payment Reminder
  • Subscription Renewal
  • Delivery Verification
  • Message Delivery