Careers: Work at Home


ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

You have the opportunity to create a solid income stream and having a good work/life balance by working from your home office. This opportunity can be different for each person: it may be a way to avoid a long and expensive commute, it may be a primary or secondary income, it may be perfect for you because you are not mobile or need to be home when kids get out of school or you have family obligations at certain times during your week.

To be successful you must plan this carefully. You must have a quiet place in your home or apartment where you will be free of background noise, interruptions from family or friends (while you are working).

The opportunity to work from home is an exciting one, but it can also be challenging if you fail to get setup properly.

Our clients expect professionalism and attention to detail on our calls, so be prepared to speak clearly, have your internet access at a broadband level, you must have a pc (not a Mac) with sufficient processing speed and enough memory so that our system can connect calls to you quickly and with good audio quality. You will need a USB headset (not wireless, not analog) ideally from Plantronics; we find many problems with Logitech USB headsets.

We have a lot of rules about your pc and your internet connection for your benefit; If you don’t have an adequate connection: Headset to PC and PC to Internet you will experience dropped calls, dead air and poor voice quality and this will affect our ability to offer you work.

What is the Work Like?

You may be on a lead gen program where you will be talking to and registering consumers for a product or service that they have opted-in (given written permission) for more information. You may be receiving calls from consumers who have seen a TV or radio ad and want to place an order, have questions, or need to be registered in our customer’s data bases. Or you may be trained in a specific customer’s customer service protocols and will be answering phone, and chat or email inquiries. We will provide you with hours that the specific campaign operates and you will select the hours that you can work. We expect you to keep the commitments you make about your work schedule.

This is not a casual drop-in part time position. We are a professional company and we expect a professional commitment to doing well and being available for work when work is available for you. This is NOT a second job; it is NOT a part-time job.

  • Obtaining, entering and verifying caller information
  • Answering callers questions and resolving issues
  • Explaining products or solutions, completing registrations or sales, offering other products or solutions
  • Engaging individuals in conversation, who have been dialed automatically by our system from opt-in lists, and qualifying them for various offers.

Will I Be Isolated and Have No Communication?

The answer is an emphatic, NO! At Home agents have regular access to coaches and job resources as do traditional call center in-house agents. Through our communication tools we ensure proper on-the-job support for personal success and development. At Home Agents are logged into chat, instant messenger, email and can also be involved in telephone conversations. We will keep you informed and trained with scheduled group conference calls and web meetings.

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