Technology: Outbound Campaign


ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

Outbound campaigns are configured quickly and can be readily modified to: contact leads, follow-up with customers and prospects, generate sales opportunities, administer surveys, deliver reminders, set appointments and more. Specialized list management and campaign pacing are key to a successful implementation. Our capabilities meet those needs in every way.

Outbound Campaign Capabilities

Predictive Dialing Technology: For B2C campaigns automatically calls multiple contacts based on estimated agent availability, filtering out no-party-contacts.

Preview Dialing Technology: For B2B campaigns, provides agents the opportunity to review a contact’s details prior to placing calls to the contact’s phone numbers.

Scripting: Allows us to create a web-based agent script tailored to the purpose of each call which lets our agents to deliver a consistent message to contacts.

Campaign and List Management: Allows us to operate multiple outbound and auto dialer campaigns using one or more lists, with robust contact filtering and dialing parameters.

DNC Compliance: Allows us to comply with applicable calling regulations by handling do-not-call (DNC) requests across our outbound and inbound operations.

Data Import: We easily import outbound calling lists and contacts with a user-friendly wizard or automatically via FTP.

Call Recording: To assess the quality of agent performance and the customer experience; use recordings as supporting documentation for transactions.

Advanced List Management: Success of your outbound campaign is very dependent upon optimizing agent productivity and minimizing list consumption. Our advanced technology capability merges analytics with managerial skill to deliver a best in class experience.

Call Quality Monitoring: WE ensure a positive customer experience by silently monitoring agent conversations with contacts, whisper coaching and barging-in when needed.

Activity Reporting: Over 100 customizable reports implemented for ACD Queues, Agents, Calls, Campaigns, and more. Thousands of permutations possible.

Real-Time Reporting: Personalized dashboards, views and alerts to monitor real-time call center statistics on ACD Queues, Agents, and Campaigns.

Contact History Databse: Maintains contact information and call activity so that it’s available for IVR applications and at agents’ fingertips while handling calls.

Cloud APIs: Allows us to build advanced software integrations between call center software and other enterprise software applications.

At-Home Agents: Supports a distributed workforce, flexible resource allocation, and new hiring models.

Encrypted VOIP Architecture: Leverages the low cost, high availability and high scalability of the internet for phone calls with crystal-clear voice quality.

Web Callback: We can integrate websites with our call center software so that visitors can request immediate or scheduled callbacks from our call center.