Careers: Training


ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

You train to become the best at what you do, to provide service and customer experiences that are unparalleled. ViaSource Solutions has always sought to add the most skilled, positive and disciplined professionals to our world class virtual agent teams.

You will receive two types of training.

System training where you learn to navigate our system and do the work of answering and completing calls.

Client training where you will learn what the campaign that you will be working on is all about.

Training will be in your home office via a virtual classroom environment. Training can take two to four days on most campaigns and you will do so with Instructor-Led-Training while logged into our call center system and also a training environment such as and/or GoToMeeting. Customer Service campaigns may take several days to several weeks of training to reach proficiency. In the Instructor Led Training you will be participating in a real-time virtual classroom with a set schedule. You will participate with others and meet your peers, use the system, take practice calls, learn from your own experiences and those of your class mates. You will see what they are doing and saying and they will do the same as you learn through role-play.

There are also campaigns where you may have access to additional training in the form of computer based training, which is self-paced individualized training. There will be time limits on completing each training module, there will be quizzes and tests where a minimum passing score will be required in order to progress to the next level. There may be webinars to attend and scores maintained in order to pass.

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