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Advice for outsourcing your call center services

We recently wrote an article about how more companies are outsourcing business functions. Additionally, a Forbes study found that companies outsource more services as they become more competitive. Now, we want to share our knowledge about the increasingly popular onshore model.

There are many benefits to U.S.-based call centers. “Homeshoring,” as it’s sometimes referred to by those in the industry, involves skilled onshore agents who take customer service calls or web chats during specified times in their homes, explains Baseline Magazine.

Onshore U.S. customer service contact centers are becoming increasingly popular options. At-home agents engaged by these providers are taught how to handle the details of the customer interactions and achieve a strong customer quality rating. Moreover, they are often more knowledgeable and productive so the contact center is able to master the intricacies of your organization and brand more quickly and maintain a higher level of customer service through time.

With thorough knowledge of your organization and products, they are able to communicate information to your customers authoritatively. In addition, they are highly responsive and are able to handle a wide-range of customer inquiries, complaints and other matters with ease. They engage the caller rather than simply stick to a script, which we’ve detailed some of the disadvantages of scripted calls in previous articles.

Altogether, the many benefits of onshore contact centers, with at-home agents, helps your organization distinguish itself in terms of quality over your competitors’ customer service. Through working with an onshore contact center, your company can increase its customer satisfaction, as well as sales, profits and productivity.

To improve your company’s customer service solutions and customer retention, consider working with a onshore customer service contact center that embraces the At-Home Agent business model.