Blog February 2014

ViaSource Solutions seeks to maximize the customer experience with every contact.

Outsourcing as a means of ensuring high scores in customer experience

One Philadelphia-based outsourced customer service center has taken more than 6 million calls on behalf of the city.

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WWE Network launch fails to deliver ‘smackdown,’ creating rash of customer service problems

The recent WWE network pilot was a disappointment for some fans.

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Making call center service better for you and your company

If your company’s customer service has specific aspects that need to be improved, we can help you by establishing an outsourced relationship and manage and measure the process of improvement.

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Flower delivery company has Valentine’s Day challenges

A flower delivery company receives overwhelming publicity for the volume of poor service complaints this Valentine’s Day.

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McDonald’s dodges Consumerist question

It’s inexcusable to send customers on a runaround when you can provide a simple answer.

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What did I just say? Good call centers can take a moment for reflection

An interaction with a Comcast representative shows the kinds of behaviors that companies need inbound call centers to track.

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