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JetBlue’s success with the at-home model

JetBlue has experienced many benefits as a result of embracing the at-home model, the most notable being increased productivity.

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Higher education can reduce costs at colleges and universities by outsourcing

Instead of incurring overhead to house a team of CSRs in an on-campus office, schools that outsource can reduce spending while improving service.

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The logistical benefits of higher education outsourcing

On days when you can expect a significant increase of calls, relying on outsourced call centers for your inbound requests can be extremely beneficial.

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Why customer experience is more important than customer service

Inbound call center outsourcing that considers customer experience as the primary measure of success will ultimately be more effective than any other metric.

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Domestic inbound call centers are ideal for managing multichannel customer service

Domestic inbound call centers capable of responding not only to phone calls, but email, chat and social media activity are the ideal solution and go a long way toward helping you mitigate any customer service challenges you might encounter.

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Outsourced, but not Offshored

Outsourced, but not Offshored – Technology allows US based Virtual Contact Centers to compete favorably with near-shore and off-shore! Thousand Oaks, CA (December 6, 2012)                      Two decades ago a forward thinking company introduced the Work at Home (WAH) concept to the call center industry.  The…

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