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USA Today reports that U.S. call center services jobs are increasing

After years of call center jobs being outsourced abroad, companies are now bringing them back to the U.S., USA Today reports.

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Advice for outsourcing your call center services

Onshore U.S. customer service contact centers are becoming increasingly popular options for businesses. 

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New York Times discusses how working from home benefits employers

While working from home is often viewed as an advantageous policy for employees, it also produces many benefits for employers.

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Microsoft study highlights the benefits of working from home

Microsoft’s whitepaper, “Work without Walls,” cited in Forbes, shows what employees view as the top ten benefits of working from home.

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As companies become more competitive, they outsource business functions

Increasingly a broad range of companies are realizing the benefits of outsourcing needs beyond their core services or competencies.

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Are at-home workers more productive? Part 2

Whether working from home pays off in terms of productivity is a hot topic in business circles.

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