Blog USA Today reports that U.S. call center services jobs are increasing

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USA Today reports that U.S. call center services jobs are increasing

After years of call center jobs being outsourced abroad, companies are now bringing them back to the U.S., USA Today reports. Currently 5 million Americans are employed by call center providers. Industry experts believe that advances in technology, increasing oversees labor costs and the fact that customers were demanding better service have contributed to the trend.

Klaus-Peter Martin, a spokesman for General Motors, who recently moved its call center from oversees back to the U.S., cited another reason for the shift to domestic call centers: the desire to resolve customer complaints in one call rather than escalating through a series of stages.

The growth of call center positions in the U.S. has been impressive. One CEO of a center estimated that 180,000 call center jobs were created nationally in 2012 and 2013.

Paul Stockford, the director of research for the National Association of Call Centers, also points out the connection between the needs of the organization and the call center provider it uses.

“The higher the value of the customer, the more likely the job will be in the U.S.,” Stockford said.

As we’ve discussed previously, airlines, including JetBlue, have been a leader in realizing the importance of customer service solutions. Since airlines are selling high-value and high-cost items, they need to ensure a high-level of customer service. If a customer is confused by something the representative is saying, this could reduce sales, indicative of the importance of skilled and highly trained agents.¬†When cost and scheduling issues exist, the work at home agent business model has significant benefits.

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