Blog Improved well-being, productivity and the other benefits of the At-Home business model

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Improved well-being, productivity and the other benefits of the At-Home business model

There are many benefits of working from home. Most of all, several studies from industry experts have confirmed that employees who work from home are more productive. We recently cited a Stanford study that found that working from home led to more minutes worked per shift as well as increased productivity. Some of the reasons for increased productivity include greater control over office space, fewer distractions and improved well-being.

In the following, we explore some of the reasons that working from home leads to increased productivity:

1.) Control over office space – Working from a home office rather than an office cubicle affords multiple benefits. For one, employees can control their office space. They can work in the area that allows them to be the most productive. Familiarity and fewer distractions promotes employees’ ability to control their surroundings and maximize their work output.

2.) Fewer distractions and better focus- Additionally, workers are able to focus exclusively on themselves. Eliminating office distractions allows them to focus on producing their best work. Without the sound of office conversation, co-workers’ calls with clients and other distractions, they can focus on their work alone.

3.) Improved well-being – Another critical benefit of the At-Home model is improved employee well-being. JetBlue, for example, embraces the At-Home business model because the airline wants to attract and retain high-ability mothers. Working from home provides the right work-life balance, an increasingly important goal for companies looking to retain high-quality employees and prevent burnout.

To improve your company’s customer service solutions and customer retention, consider working with a onshore customer service contact center that embraces the At-Home Agent business model.