Blog Tips for building relationships with your customers: Part 1

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Tips for building relationships with your customers: Part 1

In recent years, cost cutting and offshoring has significantly reduced the quality of service that customers receive over the phone. With the rise of complaints over social media, however, many businesses are realizing that their contact centers are an essential component of their organization.

Companies will need to rethink how they interact with their customers. Here are a few tips:

  • Create a journey – Call center representatives should realize that their jobs involve more than just answering questions. They are helping customers achieve goals. Customer service representatives will need to understand the larger issues behind questions and concerns.
  • Don’t deflect calls – Most customers will quickly become flustered when they are bounced from agent to agent and their questions still aren’t answered. Customer service agents need to know the correct point of contact, and take few moments to research before rerouting a caller.
  • Focus on service success – A company’s bottom line is important, but it should not be their only concern. Long-term customer loyalty is what breeds financial success. CMS Wire recommends that two metrics that companies should pay special attention to include call resolution and the likelihood that a customer would recommend a company.
  • Incorporate multichannel customer service – It’s important to realize that many customers communicate through mediums other than the phone. It may be a good idea to integrate all channels — phone, email, etc. — to keep better track of customer interactions.

Experienced and well-trained customer service agents are essential to the success of any business. Using a US call center will help your company improve your interactions with customers