Blog Why customer experience is more important than customer service

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Why customer experience is more important than customer service

With the right amount of knowledge and training, any CSR should be able to provide good customer service. Think of the last time you called a company with a question about one of their products you bought or when you had to find out something about an upcoming event. Did you ultimately get the answers you were looking for? If you did, was it a good experience? That's another question entirely. 

Everything a customer experiences from the time they dial your number until they hang up reflects on you as an organization. The amount of time they have to wait on hold, the music or messaging they hear while they are waiting and the nature of the discussion they have with your customer service representatives once they get through to a live person are all important. The performance of your CSRs is crucial to the success of your operation. 

Outsourcing customer service to a domestic at-home contact center organization with well-trained customer service representatives can add a personal touch to the interactions between your company and your customers, which ultimately will dramatically improve their experience. When running an organization that focuses on customer satisfaction, simply providing the answers often isn't enough. If there are any pains involved in receiving those answers, it might not matter that you have the information your callers are looking for. A pleasant experience can leave a positive mark on your customer and help establish stronger brand loyalty. 

The experiences of your customers will have a longer lasting impact than anything else you do for them. Inbound call center outsourcing that considers customer experience will ultimately be more effective than any other approach.